Safeguarding and Social Media Use


What safeguards are in place for the wellbeing of children?

NVPS operates comprehensive safeguards in relation to the wellbeing of children. Please click on the link to see our full Child Protection Policy.

What is the school's policy on the use of images for social media?

Each year, parents are asked for permission to use their child’s photographs in school and for publicity purposes in the local media. We also ask permission for children’s photos to be published on our school Facebook page. We never name children when photos are published; this is to ensure the child’s anonymity. Parents are not to add names when commenting on our Facebook page.

We ask parents to support this by ensuring that any photographs taken in school, which include other children, for example at school performances or sports day, are for their own personal use and are not published on social media sites such as Facebook. Some children may be at risk if such photos were to be published.

We also request that children never take photos on the school premises (including PTA events) or on school trips. Phones should not be used in school.

When parents visit the school, we request that phones are turned off or to silent and photos are only allowed to be taken at specific events and performances.

Our school's designated staff for Safeguarding

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If you have any concerns or need to discuss any matters further please talk to the members of staff listed or contact the office to leave a message. All matters will be treated in strictest confidence.

What is Operation Encompass & how does it help to protect children in our school?