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The Autism Unit Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of our pupils. It aims to provide motivating and relevant learning opportunities that lead to developmental activities to maximise children’s engagement and learning potential. A child centred and personalised approach allows teachers to provide a learning environment and provision which allows them to plan in direct response to the pupils’ individualised needs and interests, taking into account their barriers to learning and style of thinking. This enables outstanding progress in all areas of learning. The curriculum is designed to support the development of functional skills, independence and personal development, preparing our children to mature and grow to make a positive contribution to society and life in modern Britain.

The children have 1 to 1 work sessions in the day addressing individualised targets in numeracy and literacy as well as providing small group work in these areas. An emphasis is made on language and communication, social development, emotional understanding, sensory processing, physical development, engagement and independence. This thematic based approach provides stimulating learning experiences and links activities and concepts within an overarching theme. The curriculum is presented in a two-year rolling programme divided into three class bases. It is differentiated to meet the needs of our different cohorts of children, ensuring that they all have access to areas of learning that are relevant, appropriate and suitable to them. This ensures that classes can take a mixture of approaches if necessary to support individualisation and accessibility.

The curriculum supports pupils to make outstanding progress in all the areas of their learning. Pupils leave with the maximised communication, confidence, self-help, independence and skills to enable them to move successfully to their next stage of education. Pupil’s move on to a range of secondary provision.

Please click on the documents below for details about our curriculum.