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The Autism Unit

Our curriculum is based upon the following principles:

  • The curriculum evolves from our high quality of autism specific and special needs teaching and learning. This is through accurate assessment, engagement, planned progression and personalisation.
  • It places pupils at the heart of our teaching, putting their interests and needs first to enable them to maximise their learning potential and respecting their individual personalities and specific talents.
  • Initially in the first class we focus on readiness for learning and engagement. Through development of their learning journey in the Unit we have high aspirations for the children giving them experiences and building on their knowledge and strengths.
  • It incorporates the views and partnership of parents and carers, the wider school and other professionals to provide individualised learning programmes meeting the children’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs.
  • It prepares pupils’ for successful transition into their next phase of education and provides preparation for inclusion into society and developing maturity and independence.
  • It upholds and promotes fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance of others.

Our Autism approach
The curriculum has been designed in line with the Rochford review recommendations, encompassing the Autism Education Trust Progression Framework and designed by the enthusiastic and experienced special needs practitioners based at the school. Where appropriate children will have access to teaching opportunities within the mainstream school and participate in “special days” as part of the whole school curriculum.

Please click here for a link to our curriculum information.