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Welcome to Newbold Verdon Pre-School. Newbold Verdon Pre-School aims to give our youngest pupils the very best start to their education. The pre-school is led by experienced teachers who are passionate about providing children with a rich variety of learning experiences. We want our children to develop great foundations to do well academically over the rest of their school lives and we are committed to our children developing a love of learning. To this end we immerse them in a dynamic and exciting environment in which they are supported in the acquisition of communication and language skills; and in their physical, personal, social and emotional development to enable the children to make excellent progress. Play-based learning is central to our approach supported by experienced and enthusiastic practitioners. Our staff believe in creativity, exploration and first-hand experiences, and we want our children to be great thinkers, who from the earliest stages, begin to develop independence and the ability to think for themselves.