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Our Staff

Leadership Team

Mrs Lucy Collins - Head Teacher

Mrs Jane Brennan - Deputy Head & SENCO


Mrs Stubbs - Pre-school Teacher

Mrs Storer - Pre-school Assistant


Mrs Dewis - Class Teacher

Mrs Colman - LSA

Miss Gaskell - LSA

Mr March - Class Teacher (Wednesday morning)

Year 1

Mr Wright - Class Teacher

Mrs Boon - LSA

Mrs Levens - LSA

Year 2

Mrs Marlow - Class Teacher (Mon-Weds)

Mrs Brennan - Class Teacher (Thurs-Fri)

Miss Farrington - LSA

Year 3

Mr Codd - Class Teacher

Mrs King - LSA

Year 4

Mrs Johnson - Class Teacher

Miss Dyson - LSA

Year 5

Miss Davison - Class Teacher

Mrs Haq - LSA

Year 6

Mrs Younger - Class Teacher

Mrs Garvey - LSA

The Unit Staff

Mrs Capell - Class Teacher and Unit Leader

Mrs Arnold - Class Teacher

Mrs Gaskell - Class Teacher

Mrs Deacon - Lead in the Hive

Mr Corrall - LSA

Mrs Hubble - LSA

Mrs Norman - LSA

Mrs Silvester - LSA

Mrs Willett - LSA

Mrs Armsden - LSA

Miss Holmes - LSA

Miss Guery - LSA

Mrs Bailiss - LSA

Miss Bailiss - LSA

Mrs Calliss - LSA

Miss Farrington - LSA

Office Staff

Mrs Sharpe - Office Manager

Mrs Hedgecock - Administrative Assistant

Mrs Taylor - Administrative Assistant

Premises Staff

Mr Freeman - Premises Officer

Mrs Slater - Cleaner

Mrs Vickers - Cleaner

Mrs Dilley - Cleaner


Mrs Bailiss - ELSA

Additional Staff

Mr March - Cover Teacher/Well-being Lead

Mrs North - HLTA Forest School

Ms Hicks - HLTA Art and Design Technology

Intervention Support

Mrs Page - Intervention LSA

Mrs Swann - Intervention LSA

Mid-Day Supervisors and Catering Staff

Mrs Colman - Lead Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Bennett - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Levens - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss Barnes - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss Prime - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss Turner - Mid-Day Supervisor

Miss Allen - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Coleman - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Willett - Mid-Day Supervisor

Mrs Slater - Catering Staff (LTS School Food Services)

Mrs Vickers - Catering Staff (LTS School Food Services)

Miss Bell - Catering Staff (LTS School Food Services)