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What does a school governor do?

Governors are responsible for overseeing the management side of a school: strategy, policy, budgeting and staffing. They enable their school to run as effectively as possible, working alongside senior leaders and supporting teachers to provide excellent education to children.

Being a school governor is a commitment to attending governing body meetings which consider issues such as setting the school vision, mitigating financial risk and scrutinising educational outcomes. They are also involved in the school community, acting as critical friends to the headteacher and senior leaders.

Governors bring a wide range of skills and expertise from their professional lives to the governing board, and schools benefit greatly from working with skilled volunteers; for example, anyone with experience in finance, law, premises management or human resources.

Taken from: The Role of a School Governor – Governors for Schools (Gov.UK)

Please see details of our Governors below and further information on the links.

Brennan, Jane

Type:  Co-opted

Role:  Deputy Head Teacher/SENDCo

Committee: Business Management Committee

Date Appointed: 26/10/21

Term of Office: 26/10/21 to 25/10/25

Elected By:  Governing Board

Declared Interests: Member of staff, printing

Brown, Beverley

Type: Governance Professional

Role:  Clerk to Governors

Date Appointed:  April 2016

Declared Interests:  Works full-time at Hastings High School, Clerk to Governors for seven schools

Barnsley, Victoria

Type: Parent

Role: Business Management Committee Chair, Health and Safety Lead Governor

Committee: Business Management Committee

Date Appointed: 21/12/22

Term of Office: 21/12/22 to 20/12/26

Elected By: Parents

Declared Interests: Parent of pupil

Buhring, Khalfan

Type: Co-opted

Committee: Curriculum and Standards Committee, Business Management Committee (support, not quorum)

Date Appointed: 28/03/23

Term of Office: 28/03/23 to 27/03/27

Elected By: Governors

Declared Interests: None

Collins, Lucy

Type: Ex Officio

Role: Head Teacher

Committee:  All

Date Appointed: 04/01/22

Term of Office: 04/01/22 to 03/01/32

Declared Interests: Husband employed by school for intervention

Dewis, Nicola

Type: Staff

Committee: Curriculum and Standards Committee 

Date Appointed: 11/05/23

Term of Office: 11/05/23 to 10/05/27

Elected By: Staff

Declared Interests: Member of staff

Governor A

Type: Parent

Committee: Business Management Committee

Date Appointed: 30/04/21

Term of Office: 30/04/21 to 29/04/25

Elected By: Parents

Declared Interests: Parent of pupil

Lane, Samantha

Type: Co-opted

Role:Chair of Governors, Wellbeing Lead Governor, Inclusion Lead Governor (SEN/Pupil Premium and Behaviour)

Committee: Curriculum and Standards Committee

Date Appointed: 30/04/21 (Parent) and 04/07/23 (Co-opted)

Term of Office: 04/07/23 to 03/07/27

Elected By: Governing Body

Declared Interests: Employee for NEU

Mead, Steven

Type: Parent

Role: Training and Development Governor

Committee: Business Management Committee

Date Appointed: 27/11/21

Term of Office: 27/11/21 to 26/11/25

Elected By: Parents

Declared Interests: Parent of pupil

Pennal, Chris

Type: Parent

Date Appointed: 10/11/23

Term of Office: 10/11/23 to 09/10/27

Elected By: Parents

Declared Interests: Parent of pupil

Reading, Jon

Type: Co-opted

Role: Safeguarding and Looked after Children Lead Governor (joint role)

Committee:  Business Management Committee

Date Appointed: 21/06/21

Term of Office: 21/06/21 to 20/06/25

Elected By: Governing Body

Declared Interests: Parent of pupil

Sheppard-Bools, Mark

Type: LA Governor

Role: Vice Chair of Governors, Curriculum and Standards Committee Chair, Safeguarding and Looked After Children Lead Governor (joint role)

Committee: Curriculum and Standards Committee

Date Appointed: 30/09/19 and 30/09/23 (Confirmed for further term by LA Scrutiny Committee)

Term of Office: 30/09/23 to 29/09/27

Elected By: Governing Body

Declared Interests: Liberal Democrat Borough Councillor, parent of pupil